It’s critical to your sites longevity that it’s taken care of post launch. We offer all our clients optional maintenance packages that can help remove the headaches associated with site maintenance.

Keeping your site secure, up to date and running smoothly is usually a costly, time-consuming task. We keep you focused on your passion by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

With our maintenance packages, your website is scanned every single day for security issues before they become a problem and with uptime monitoring your site every 5 minutes we’ll be notified almost instantly if your website goes down so that we can get you back online quickly. If you’d like to know more about our maintenance packages, please get in touch.

Our Maintenance Services Include

  • Site Security
  • Bug & Error Fixes
  • On-Going Technical Support
  • Advanced Element Maintenance
  • Scans & Audits
  • Content Updates
  • Updating Plugins & Software
  • On-page SEO Fixes

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